We’ve got the Scoop on Diana Eneje’s #19thon19th Birthday Celebration



Fashion model and influencer Diana Eneje celebrated her 19th birthday on the 19th of August and she went all out to host her loved ones for a pleasant time.

Giving Barbie doll vibes, Diana looked breathtaking in her pink and lilac Diana has shared photos and a vlog from her #19onthe19th birthday bash and you should totally catch up on all the fun that went down.

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Captioning the photos, Diana wrote:

My Dreamy #diana19thon19th 💗 Appreciation to everyone that attended my birthday party, I felt so loved I couldn’t stop crying, big love to each and everyone of you, big love to my manager, team and family 💗. The themed decor was everything! Thanks to @bespokeballoonsng & @palettexflair for doing the magic!

Check out the soothing photos of the celebrant and her friends:

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Watch the vlog below:

Photo Credit: @diana_eneje |@abayomiakinaina


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