We Nurses are very polite but some patients deliberately ‘provoke’ us – Award-winning Nurse



The insults and physical abuses nurses in line of duty are receiving from their patients seeking treatment in various healthcare facilities in the country are just unwarranted which has to be condemned in no uncertain terms.

Recounting her experience on Orange Health Lounge monitored by MyNewsGh.com, Aisha Bawa, the Overall 2021 Best Midwife and Nurse in Ashanti Regional, observed that, some patients will come to the hospital with a preconceived idea that nurses and midwives are simply hostile and disrespectful beings.

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“Sometimes you’ll be working wholeheartedly but yet still you will receive some insults from patients. Sometimes, there are patients who already come to the facility or the hospital with a preconceived idea about nurses so whatever you do they are not appreciative…” Aisha narrated.

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Without holding briefs for colleagues, Aisha Bawa who has worked for almost eight years pointed out that not all Nurses and Midwives are bad or good as being perceived by the general public.

“Some do bad things which might require those insults. But as I am sitting here today, I am telling you whoever is out there that there are exceptional good nurses out there”, she told host, Alfa Ali.

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According to the award-winning Nurse, nursing is a call and human institution which cannot be perfect like all institutions therefore Ghanaians should understand the good services personnel are giving to the citizenry.



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