Video! See The Country That Rub Themselves In Mud As Festival Celebration


With a celebration to celebrate nearly everything from fireflies and ice fishing to bullfighting and bodypainting, there’s no lack of mass merriments happening at some random time in South Korea. However, maybe no other occasion matches the country’s Boryeong Mud Festival regarding global participation, government spending, and great clean (or should we are saying messy) fun.

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For about fourteen days each July, thousands rush from around Korea to Boryeong, a little, drowsy town arranged on the country’s western coast for the Boryeong Mud Festival, or Mudfest’ s casually called.

Much more, fly in from abroad, some going from to the extent Europe and Americas, to encounter some great curious mud wrestling, mud sliding, and earth swimming–exercises that establish what has as of late become the sum one Korean celebration to go to.

Yet, the supported occasion, which rounds up numerous dollars in income yearly, has more modest beginnings. At the point when it had been first settled in 1999, the celebration was planned to advertise makeup comprised of the area’s mud. Predictable with occasion coordinators, Boryeong mud is high in minerals, particularly germanium and bentonite, and it emanates a lot of far-infrared beams, which are especially gainful for the skin. It didn’t take long, in any case, for the Spring Break-Esque beachside gathering to surpass the mud excellence showcasing.

This year, Mudfest will run from July 21 to 30, yet to encounter it all along with its brilliance, try to plan your visit during the end of the week when the solitary vital occasions and exercises occur.

Spread all through Daecheon Beach and downtown Boryeong, the merriments for the most part start inside the morning, when travelers are carried in by the busload and are dropped off at the seashore, which is deliberately set up with numerous muds followed in from the locale’s mudflats.

Different regions some free, some requiring confirmation expenses are outfitted with mud pits, mud wellsprings, mud pools, mud knead zones, and even a mud jail, which all will undoubtedly have you truly looking kind of a mud beast constantly’ send. A one-day pass will get you into all or any of the tagged occasions and territories, similar to the inflatable jungle gyms, snag courses, landslides, and races. Ordinary tickets are 10, 000 Won for grown-ups during the week, and 12, 000 won toward the end of the week and might be bought at the celebration or already on the web.

Notwithstanding sloppy joy, there are numerous immaculate occasions to participate in, similar to firecrackers shows and live exhibitions during the celebration’s opening and closing services. This year, K-pop hotshots Psy–vocalist of the 2012 blockbuster ” Gangnam Style” – and IU will have free independent shows on July 25 and July 28, separately.


Different features incorporate the celebration’s Black Eagles Show with the Korean Air Force and a large number of marches. Those inside the temperament for an amicable games match can participate in the Beach Mud Football Competition at the Citizen Tower Sandy seashore site on July 29.

Boryeong is likewise home to different nightlife settings beginning from Korean BBQ joints and fish eateries to bars and noraebang, so it’s strongly prescribed that you stay for the time being to ask the total Mudfest experience.


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