The Most Dangerous Village In Ghana Most People Fear To Go – See Why


The Most Dangerous Village In Ghana Most People Fear To Go – See Why.

Out of the numerous places in Ghana, there is one unique village in the country which is most fearful place every Ghanaian wish to know when dealing with it.

If we are to check the number of people that have once suffered in the hands of this village I’m yet to unravel, we need to be careful with our utterances as well as our dealings with people we see around us and the great havoc they could cause to our lives.

The place is very frightening base on its spiritual background.

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One interesting aspect of this story is that, most politicians in the country fear this place and the kind of fear is not towards the people but a special thing in this village

The village we’re talking about is Antoa, located in the Kwabere East of Ashanti Region.

From our forefathers to this current generation, it’s quite clear that the mere mentioning of the the village of Antoa in the creates a mental trauma and panic.

Antoa Nyamaa is a popular river god deity with its shrine located at Antoa

The popularity of Antoa is as a result of the popular river called river Nyamaa which has some spiritual things in it.

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People always consult this shrine with their problems and most dangerous aspect of it all is that of the invocation of curses.

The spirit that dwells in the Nyamaa river has caused the death of many that were summoned before the gods

It’s is very difficult for politicians or government appointees to swear with the Antoa Nyamaa gods but only resort to the use of the Holy Bible and Quran .

Perpetrators of corrupt practice in the country by some individuals could have faced the wrath of the Antoa Nyamaa gods in a more severe manner, unlike the Bible and Quran they have sworn with all because of how the supreme God spares us our sin despite our inequities.

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Antoa is blessed with a senior high school, the great ANSEC and it’s among one of the popular places in the Ashanti region

People fear the name of Antoa Nyamaa at workplaces, schools, markets, gatherings and I would entreat every single Ghanaian to desist from using this gods to curse their fellows to prevent death or any unpleasant circumstances.

However, whenever you are troubled, especially in circumstances where people want to put false allegations on you, don’t forget about the name; “Antoa Nyama……”


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