The Holidays: Time to Research Study Programs

The Holidays: Time to Research Study Programs.

For students finishing high school, the New Year brings the extreme stress of high school exams. This leaves little time for learning about which study program you want to pursue afterwards. Free time at the holidays is perfect for this research!

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The New Year Means Stress Is Coming

Are your thoughts all still tied up in the subjects of your exams? Is your head smoldering from all the studying?
This doesn’t leave you very much time to learn about your next steps in life. In which direction are you headed, in terms of studying? University or university of applied sciences? Which institutions offer the best curriculum for your future goals?

The Holidays: Time to Research Study Programs

All of these questions are swimming around in your head, but you don’t have the wherewithal to tackle them during exam time. However, the holidays are perfect for looking into potential study programs! You hardly have any responsibilities, and you can get some preliminary information while visiting family—for instance, just relaxing after coffee and cake—using your smartphone.

The Website Labyrinth

Whether you’re at home or at a café, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can research study programs anywhere, anytime. How you do your research is up to you.

Universities and university of applied sciences certainly make it easy for prospective students to access lots of general information quickly and without filters. This input can easily get overwhelming and leave you with your head spinning. Lots of websites are also confusing in their organization, so it’s easy to lose sight of the overall view. You can’t always find what you need quickly—this requires patience, but don’t despair.

Once you’ve decided what kind of study program you want, the process gets easier. At that point, your search is much more relaxed, since you only have to compare schools that offer the course of study you want.

Flyers, Downloads and Websites

Some study program websites offer informational material for download or in the form of flyers. You can download materials easily to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and get an overview, even when you’re on the go. Flyers and brochures have to be ordered and sent by mail, and generally need some time to reach you. Nevertheless, they allow you to get additional information at a glance without having to download anything, such as curriculumother study programs and details about practical projects and semesters abroad.

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How you go about researching study programs is up to you. There are lots of possibilities for learning about your dream program, and holidays are the perfect time for it!

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Emmanuel Atigah

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