The Error of Nigeria in 2015 Will Never Be Repeated



Bishop David Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo


Senior Pastor of the Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo has given a hint of what may happen in 2023.


The cleric said the error Nigeria made in 2015 will never be repeated.


Speaking in his church recently, the clergyman who did not mention any name, said the choice of the wicked to be on the throne of Nigeria will never be repeated. 


The clergyman who was clad in his synonymous all-white ensemble, said 

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”The error this nation mad ein 2015 will never br repeated for eever. The choice of the wicked to seat on throne of Nigeria will be repeated. This Nation will experience a new order of settlement. The God of vengeance is rising in defence of this nation today” he declared as his members chorused a thunderous Amen


Speaking further, the clergyman who has never hidden his displeasure for the government of the day, said ”Fulani vagabonds” now make life impossible for local people. 

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”You can’t tell how many destinies have been unsettled by the unsettlement of the nation. Fulani vagabons making life impossible for local people . And do they claim not to know? we had it exposed..but I knew it before. Fire from now!” 


He said judgement against the wicked will start now.

”And the church became mute. And they cut the neck of a church leader. In this time and age? If nothng happens, then God has not sent me.

Judgement will be ravaging the land from now. Many will sleep and never wake up. Many will be struck with blindness in 24 hours. Many will be crippled in 3 days. My God is turning the table against the wicked.” he said

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Watch a video of him speaking below:



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