The Dirtiest Places In The Office


The Dirtiest Places In The Office. 

The Dirtiest Places In The Office

Nobody really like to absent him or herself from workplace in just a single day, especially when sick and having uncompleted tasks that you have to attend the office to complete. The worse about this is being out of sick days and one has to attend to work, then sniffling and sneezing your way through the day. Don’t you think the problem might be from your office which is giving you such cold? Of course yes, we’re all aware that we have to wash our hands whenever we use the bathroom that is available at work, but what is going to surprise you is that the bathroom isn’t the dirtiest part of your workplace. Below are some of the unexpected sources of germs that are around our office:

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Where You Eat

Where we usually eat. One of the filthy place at work, where we use to enjoy our launch each and everyday. Some surfaces that may be in need of cleaning include the handle of the refrigerator, the handle of microwave door, and the button on the vending machine; all of which are likely to carry bacteria, on most occasion if your company is a kind that does not involve in regular cleaning.

Where You Sit.

Co-workers and colleagues might be thinking they are on the safer side if they eat at their desk of which is totally wrong and false. In fact, sitting at your desk to eat at workplaces is one reason why your computer keyboards are also some of the dirtiest things at your office. Your computer’s electronic mouse and mobile phones can also get pretty gross through constant handling, especially if you do so with a sandwich in one hand a bag of Cheetos near the other.

Where You Drink

In this situation, you might really want to keep away from your desk for a fast breather. With such, the button on the water fountain and the handle of the coffee pot at the office are also the main cause of germs that may get you sick.

What To Do

·        So what should one do in case you get or involved into this situation?

with this, there are few some few and easy solutions, to help you protect yourself from these office germs. Firstly, using the old method is the best option: kindly wash your hands just before you hold your food, turning off the sink with a clean and dry paper towel when you’re done. Always don’t forget to wash your hands before you reach inside when you open up the bag of sweet candies and chips you just got out of the vending machine. You should always keep in mind that, you have just touched both the dirty machine and the cash that is used to buy than snack. Using a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer in your pocket is another best option if you’re always in a rush.

Keeping your desk clean, be it a plan to eat while typing or not. Always give your keyboard and mouse a better clean to prevent pieces of food in it that invites bacteria.

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