Submitting an assignment via nwu eFundi


Submitting an assignment via nwu eFundi

Depending on how your lecturer has set up the site you would be able to access the assignment either by clicking on the assignments tool to open up your assigned assignments.

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By clicking on the link to the assignment within the module content (Lessons tool). Pay attention to the due date of the assignment as well as the assignment submission instructions.

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  1. To view the assignment, click on the title of an assignment in the assignment list.
  2. To submit your assignment Browse for your assignment on your computer.
  3. The attached assignment will appear under the heading Submission.
  4. If you want to remove the attachment click on Remove. To submit a new copy, click on Browse again to upload another file.
  5. Click Submit if you are ready to submit, then you should see a confirmation message.
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