Stop Calling It Charger, It Is Wrong, See The Correct Name


Hello my lovely reader. I have come your way ones again to school you on the right name for this device.

We are all aware that it is used widely for charging up our phones and ignorantly, majority of people call it “charger”.

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Do you know that it’s a wrong name?

Well that’s a wrong name in case you don’t know.

Now scientifically, the correct name for the device is “electromagnetic proton converter”.

That is the right name of the device used for charging up our phone.

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As we all aware, electromagnetic proton converter is the most important accessories for our phone.

As a matter of fact, we cannot do without it.

We use it to induct the power of electricity into our phone.

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Basically, it consists of a charging generator or better still a transformer with a current rectifier, and a power switchboard that contains voltage regulators and automatic circuit breakers.

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