Slay Queen Narrates How She Slept With A Snake After Meeting Sakawa Boy


Many girls out there have a strong desire for money and are easily seduced by luxurious items.

A Slay Queen recounted her encounter with ritualists known as Sakawa boys.

According to the lady, this young man in a G-wagon was looking for a serious side relationship, and based on how the guy treated her, she was charmed and easily fell for his lies.

Fast forward a few days, and the guy had only spent on her and had never had any sexual intercourse with her until one day he revealed to her that he was now ready to make love to her.

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The girl fell more in love with the guy after being taken to a very luxurious home and shown the most beautiful bedroom she had ever seen.

The guy had only told her he was busy with work but would be with her soon, but with time running out, she began to feel horny.

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When he awoke the next day, all he could say was that she was really sweet and crazy in bed because she couldn’t remember what had happened. She didn’t say anything and let it slide so as not to irritate the guy.

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After her encounter with the guy, she returned home and began relentlessly following him. She then informed her aunt, who took her to a herbalist, who revealed that she had slept with a snake, which was the source of the Sakawa guy’s money. When she tried to approach the guy, he just blocked her path everywhere.

Read her full story below;


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