Should I Continue Spending On My Girlfriend After Catching Her Cheating


“I’m very confused, please what should I do

I’m someone who have decided that I’ll never be a womanizer ,most of guys I grow up with or in my street womanize but I grow up seeing my dad not being able to provide for us and I make a vow that I’ll always dedicate all my hard earned money to my wife and kids I have had two failed relationship in the past(they are both a single mother, the first cheated and I realize I can’t marry a single mother and I dump the other , though we are friends from primary and secondary school, but lots of things attached to being single mother that I can’t handle.

So my next relationship is going to be a single girl that have never have child ,I don’t judge and I don’t really care about any girl past but I don’t tolerate cheating, I met this girl on Facebook and she looks familiar, she later told me she knows me and tell me about my mom and brother and sister so that makes us to get along quickly, we are from the same street and I know girls and guys from my street are bad but not all of us though (I’m exposed but decide to be different because I have big dreams).

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I have make my first million but I don’t show off ,we had sex the second time of my new girl visiting and I always give her what she asked for ,I delay it sometimes and I giver her half sometimes and she knelt down and appreciate me ,she is almost perfect, beautiful, nice shape and curves ,and caring but not that respectful ,she have some ego , though nobody is perfect.

I open up to her and she realized I have money and I have some landed properties as well I’m opening my new salon and I have promised to help her open here too (she is a hairdresser) I buy her clothes and phones as well and I move to a better expensive apartment because of her ,I also checked her phone and I realized lots of guys wants her (she flirts ) and she have some ex like 6 .

But after fee months, I started getting low of funds because I have invested more than I have thought and we stays at my place like four days a week but her behavior start to change as I can’t give her so much like before and we quarrel someone’s and she became more less respectful and I know she is cheating, I look into her phone and I see conversation with a guy ,like a hook-up and have sex and she collected 3k.

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I want to send her out but she begged me ,she is a poor girl, her mom is old her dad is dead, she is the one giving to her mom from what she gets from any money she gets and I stop her working at a bar when we meet ,I put myself in her shoes but she shouldn’t still have sex for money since she is in serious relationship with me now and I have given her 50k twice in the past and 2k per week for food ,1k for bike anytime she comes over (3 to four times a week )and

I always have foodstuff at home so we share the cooking between us and she always wash my clothes and plates ,I love her and I forgive her but recently I realize the same guy send money to her 4k after she nags on that guy.

I think the guy don’t want to pay after the sex and you can only talk to someone like that after he refuses to pay you after your hard labor, although she promise she won’t cheat again but I think she is still doing it, she have a housewife vibes and she won’t let me go anytime I tried to dump her but she is not loyal and she acts like a good digger.

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I try to eliminate the fact that she cheats and I still her help I recently give her 50k to rent shop and I want to sell a plot of land and give her 100k out of the money so she can have a shop and start making money but I can’t ignore the fact that she will always cheats for money anytime I’m low on funds even if we get married.

I always pity her and I’m eager to help her although she doesn’t ever denied me of having sex with her but she always tell me we are not married and use still have freedom to do as she pleases and she doesn’t feel really guilty about the fact she cheats for money (like a olosho) I do have the gut to dump her but I don’t want to overlook the many good qualities she posses but for money she can be very desperate”


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