Sex workers in Accra increase charges over current economic hardship.

Sex workers in Accra, Ghana has announced the increase in charges of their services over current economic hardship.

The current economic crisis has indeed forced the intimate workers on the streets of Accra to raise the price of their services to make them comfortable.

Most of such workers on the streets of Accra are known to be from Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and Liberia, among other countries.

Lapaz, Osu, Cantonments, East Legon are a few places they are known to trade.

Many of them claim to have been charged between $50 and $300 for a brief session lasting between 15-20 minutes and as much as $300 for a full night until lately.

Despite their fearless approach to the game, they are often confronted with clients who make them reconsider their career decision.

Fuel prices have crossed the ¢10 mark while the dollar has also surpassed ¢7.50 affecting prices of commodities.

In light of these circumstances, the sex workers in the capital are unhappy and they have stated in recent times that they are unable to satisfy their clients at the same rates that they originally charged.

In as much as the financial challenges the country is facing are holding her clients from seeking their services, they can’t just sit but also increase the prices of their services.


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