Russian oligarch puts million-dollar bounty on Vladimir Putin’s head

In times of war, you need to strike where it hurts. So as Vladimir Putin continues to bombard Ukraine, the west has decided his Achilles heel is his hip pocket.

Crippling economic sanctions have been imposed not just on Russia, but critically also the inner circle of multi-billionaire oligarchs who supposedly protect Putin’s power.

Their superyachts and mansions around the world have been seized, and their bank accounts frozen.

It’s a tactic that appears to be working, with the President’s pals now doing the unthinkable and turning on him.

Vladimir Putin was a baron in the KGB, but he’ll soon be a dead man unless he pays up. That’s the threat from billionaire Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, who has put out a $1 million bounty on the head of the president of Russia.

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Boris Berezovsky, a Russian oligarch who fled Russia in 2000, has been living in self-imposed exile in the United Kingdom. He has heavily criticized the Russian government and was on the Kremlin’s black list of those banned from Russia. According to Esquire, Berezovsky is offering $1 million bounty for anyone who would assassinate President Vladimir Putin.

In one of the most bizarre stories to come out this week, Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky has offered to pay $1 million for anyone who kills Vladimir Putin. The man is clearly not joking, and it’s officials in Moscow are concerned by what they see as a provocation from the exiled tycoon.

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Oligarch Alisher Usmanov, worth $13.6 billion and considered one of the richest men in Russia, has announced that he is willing to pay a reward about 5% of his net worth – for the head of his compatriot and arch-enemy Vladimir Putin.

When you think of an assassin poised to take out a high-profile person, you don’t generally picture someone like Boris Grubenkov. That’s probably because you can’t really picture what a Russian oligarch looks like and for good reason.

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Vladimir Putin’s political opponents have a habit of dying in strange circumstances. But the president of Russia is seemingly not content with the 47 already suspicious deaths associated with his political career. Now he is offering $1 million for the capture of a man who, until recently, was one of his closest allies. Since last week, Vladimir Putin has been the target of an unprecedented bounty set up by Sergei Pugachev, a former friend and business partner now on the run from Russian authorities himself.




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