“Right or Wrong”-This Reverend Sister Dumped Catholic Church And Married Her Lover


“Right or Wrong”-This Reverend Sister Dumped Catholic Church And Married Her Lover.

A nun is a member of a women’s religious congregation, usually under vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. It is not permitted to have a nun with any man or to marry anybody.

When they do not wear their nun’s robe, nuns must still wear modest clothes. Catholic nuns are decreed by the Pope, and social media sites are not approved to be used. You cannot become a Catholic nun again if you have been married before.

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Ok, that wasn’t the case with one Catholic nun from Nigeria who had dumped the mechanism and married the guy she chose to be her husband. She went from becoming a nun to being a mom.

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As we all understand what love can do, it is not in our place to judge her decisions. Heart lets individuals fly miles and miles abroad. That is just what was going on with this Catholic nun.

If the heart loves, the body does so, and you will never deny that on your own. As long as you can, you can pretend, but inevitably you can give in to the heart’s desires at some stage in life.

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What do you think of this nun who married the love of her life? In the comment section below, please share your opinion with us.


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