Rawlings and Kuffuor Ignore Each Other Again In Parliament

At the swearing in ceremony of Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo in parliament on Monday, Ex Presisent Rawlings and his wife, Nana Konadu, sat beside Ex President Kuffuor on the front row.

A picture from the event captured Ex President Rawlings frowning as Nana Konadu and Ex President Kuffuor chatted enthusiastically.

Rawlings, who did not join the chat, folded his arms and looked at the ground.

The feud between Rawlings and Kuffuor dates back to the time when he handed over power to the later in 2001.

Rawlings has accused Kufuor of corruption and called him “Atta Ayi“, a notorious robber who is serving life at Nsawam Maximum Security Prison.

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Recently, he stated that President Nana Akufo-Addo had shown more integrity that Kufuor, John Mahama and John Atta Mills put together.

For his part, Kufuor has asked Rawlings not to greet him in public any longer.

He said Rawlings would act nice towards him when they meet, but would turn around to say nasty things about him as soon as they part ways.

Photo: Rawlings and Kuffuor ignore each other again in parliament
Kuffuor said Rawlings would act nice towards him in public, but will quickly turn around to accuse him of corruption
Describing the former president as hypocritical, Kuffuour asked him to keep his his fake gestures to himself.

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Photo: Rawlings and Kuffuor ignore each other again in parliament
It is not clear if that is what prompted Rawlings to keep to himself when he met Kuffuor in parliament on Monday.

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