The Nigerian Police Service Commission (PSC) has revealed that if the issue of DCP Abba Kyari gets to the point that it has to dismiss him it won’t pull legs to determine his fate.

The statement came up after the United States Federal Bureau Investigation representative launched an investigation into the case of Hushpuppi which he pointed finger at the DCP as his accomplice in a $1.1 million scheme.

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According to the Commission if DCP Abba Kyari is found guilty of the allegations his fate will be determined by the PSC.

The Commissioner in charge of Media on the board of the Police Service revealed this in an interview noting that the PSC will not be bound by the IG’s review of the allegations leveled against Abba Kyari.

He added that the commission would carry out further investigation in whatever findings the police authority makes on DCP Kyari.

He said, “So, the commission is awaiting the full report of investigation and his indictment and we will treat it officially; we would apply the law.

The law will determine the various punishments that we can award against him.

He can be dismissed depending on the gravity of the offence; we can demote him, reduce his rank; we can suspend him”

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