Police Arrests Woman Who Has Been Using Human Meat As Khebab


Police Nab Woman Who Has Been Using Human Meat As Khebab For Public Consumption For The Past 8 Years.

The callousness of some people simply has no bounds. How can you serve human beings as meat to people and still be able to look yourself in the mirror?

A woman in Ashanti Region capital, Kumasi has been nabbed by the police for serving human beings to the general public as khebab.

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According to reports, the woman has been doing for the past eight years and people in the community suspected foul but had no evidence to back their suspicion.

The woman is said to be someone who would never say no to any man. She would marry any man who proposes marriage to her and later kill him to sell as skewers.

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The 33 years old woman’s cup finally filled up recently when she sent a small boy to her house at about 5 pm and the boy never came out from her house.

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Apparently, the community dwellers were keeping tabs on her and finally reported her. The boy was found dead and she finally confessed.

She claims selling human meat is very profitable, claiming she has seventy-eight million at the bank. She is currently in police custody according to reports.


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