Pastor impregnates over 18 church members – says it was a direction from God


Everybody has the privilege to their confidence and qualities throughout everyday life. A few group guarantee that God converses with them every now and then to manage people the correct way.

A minister effectively impregnated near 20 of his congregation individuals, the General Overseer of the Vineyard Ministry of the Holy Trinity Church in Nigeria, experienced harsh criticism.

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After many church individuals uncovered the minister’s secretive demonstration to some congregation chiefs, what started as gossip ended up being genuine. The Pastor was found to have been having extramarital illicit relationships with numerous ladies in the congregation, bringing about most of them being pregnant for him.

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The minister explained that the Essence of God guided his direct. “The Essence of God requested me to impregnate however many female individuals from the congregation as would be prudent,” he said.



He likewise said that he didn’t constrain any of them to lay down with him and that the spouses of the wedded ladies among the pregnant church individuals were very much aware of the Holy Spirit’s directions and agreed to him laying down with them. He passionately denied any bad behavior

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