Red peppers aren’t just tantalizing for your taste buds, these colourful peppers are a rich source of an anti-carcinogenic carotenoid called lycopene that is believed to work against prostate cancer as well as cancer of the bladder, cervix and pancreas. Beta-cryptoxanthin, another carotenoid in red peppers is being held as a potential source of fighting against lung cancer.

Did you know that eating red peppers actually helps in losing weight? Red peppers contain substances that are believed to increase the body’s heat production and oxygen consumption after eating assist in burning calories and losing weight.

Red peppers are an excellent source of essential vitamins such as vitamin A & E. Vitamin A is known to be good for vision, bone growth, immune function, cell function and skin health. Vitamin E helps prevent cell damage, cancer and heart disease.

Red pepper is also a rich source of vitamin C that helps strengthen your immune system. This is important in preventing infections as well as some cancers. It also helps increase iron absorption by your body. High antioxidant levels contained in red pepper is known to lower the risk of heart disease.

Red bell pepper has 3g of fibre, which helps to prevent colon and aids in digestive health, heart health and diabetes

Red peppers also contain vitamin B6 which helps in brain functioning and aids the body to convert protein into energy. It is also a rich source of Vitamin B that aids in a healthy metabolism, immune function, and cell growth and may help relieve symptoms caused by stress, depression and heart disease.

Red pepper contains Folate aids that are vital for brain health and fighting heart disease. It is also necessary for blood cell formation, growth and prevention of liver disease. It is also believed to play a huge part in preventing birth defects.

Red pepper is an excellent source of potassium that aids in proper electrolytic functions and keeps the brain, heart, kidney and muscle tissues in good condition. It also reduces the risk of stroke and softens the effects of salt on blood pressure.


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