Nana Adu-Boafo Jnr Writes: The Birth of The Birth HOLE! 

The Birth of The Birth HOLE!
“Vagina” Part 1 – 30
BY: Nana Adu-Boafo Jnr

Most people are shy to even mention your name publicly, not because they are afraid of you or can’t do so; But they respect your value, your hard work, service and patient and trust for people you shouldn’t have given 0.0% trust to, that’s why you remain The only way to New Life.

Vagina! Vagina!! Vagina!!!

Vagina, Hahahahahahaha I know her too well…

She don’t want anything artificial, if you do so, the moisture in it will dry off, and that’s what medical doctors will call ‘Vagina Dryness’.

Vagina loves to be pampered.
Vagina loves to be play with, so when you are on bed with a woman, Just start to play with her Vagina and see how her Mood will be like in just seconds!

Hmmmmmm you see!!! I told you!

Vagina is a shy spirit. it’s actually the part for “feeling” in the 5 senses, but they swallowed it with secret….

Vagina is a Good thing, it’s like a good sight to a 70years old blind man.

Vagina treatment me good, So
I know WHERE i blindly PASSED to this strange and funny world, where our Ancestors took as Land , And that’s why i always want to ENTER that beautiful sacred Vagina Hole, And it’s not my fault because
The Name
Vagina is a name that satisfies EVERY man’s soul.

Vagina is not a cheap thing, it’s very expensive, that’s why people use gold, diamond, silver and the rest or ornaments ring as a sign of their symbol.

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To be continued……

it’s strictly sexualized!
my wordings contains adult materials.
Caution… 18+…

Nana Adu-Boafo Jnr

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