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Please are you aware that “poverty” starts to manifest in the way you think? This is true.

A person’s mindset and capacity for thought are two main things that decide whether or not he/she will become wealthy in life.

God’s hard work, commitment and grace also play a crucial part.

If you’re still unable to provide for yourself at your age, then you belong to the poor class.

Provided below are some of the negative mindsets that make people poor in life.

1. I am not ready to take risk:

This mentality has thwarted many young people from becoming rich.

Starting a company is one thing and increasing the company is another challenge and at one stage business may need to take risks.

If you are not willing to take chances, just know you are not willing to make money either.

Understand that “Risk-taking” is an essential quality needed to develop business, it is always involved.

2. This job is too local for me, I need to get big one:

For someone to develop themselves and become rich, they have to start from scratch, build themselves up through careful planning before they reach the highest peak.

But unfortunately too many young lads think they are too big to start from scratch.

All they want is a big work, without understanding that many people in that big place started from scratch and end up in the pool of prosperity.

Don’t feel too high, do not feel embarrassed to do any work, as long as the work is legitimate, paying financially, doing the required by taking advantage of it.

Maybe you will find a bigger one tomorrow that will pay you more. Do not feel too big even with your university degree, “I need to get big work” attitude will most likely bring you deeper into poverty.

3. I am too young to start hustling for money:

There is no particular age set for starting hustling for money, so you should not say you are too young to start working.

4. Quick money mentality:

A number of young men are fed up with the mindset of making quick money, but in terms of making money you need to start from scratch and gradually build yourself up as “what fast money?”

The only fast money available is ritual money, theft, fraud, etc., all of which are illegal, banned, and a no-go for any well-managed human being.

Money does not come in this way.

As a youngster, making fast money should not be a very secure legal source of income-you consider.

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