Man recounts how pastor forced church members to sow seed before getting God’s blessings


The narrator said tension built up in the air when the man of God was literally auditioning God’s blessing to the highest bidder.

He stated that the pastor justified his actions by saying that God isn’t a small God and therefore, he must be given something big.

Fortunately, when the founder of the church returned from his trip, he gave back the money the congregants were made to part away with and apologized to them profusely.

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He shared the story on Twitter saying: “I remember when I attended HOTR in 2012. Pastor Paul Adefarasin was out of town, and a guest pastor was invited to preach. At the end of the sermon, the guest pastor asked the congregation to pledge money. The manner in which the request (demand?) was made was distasteful.

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The guest pastor placed certain figures and asked people who wanted to pledge to come out for special blessings. I think he started from N1m or some ridiculous sum. The pastor prayed for each group according to how much they agreed to pledge.

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You could feel the palpable tension in the air when the Pastor repeatedly called for certain amounts. “N500k! N500k! How many people want God’s blessings? Rabatadadada! N500K! God is not a cheap God! Come out and get your blessings!”

It was like an auction for blessings…”

Read the full story as captured by the screenshot below:


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