Man jailed for stealing decoder and defecating in friend’s utensils at Atebubu


The Atebubu Court has sentenced Daniel Sanbiani, a carpenter to nine-month imprisonment for stealing a multi-tv decoder.

The convict was sentenced on his own plea by the court which was presided over by His Lordship Joseph Twumesi.

The convict stole the decoder from his bosom friend, one Elijah Brako.

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After stealing the decoder, he defecated in some cooking utensils belonging to his friend and covered them.

He confessed to the crime after he was arrested by the Police.

He was arraigned before the court today, Wednesday, March 31, 2021, where he pleaded guilty.

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Daniel Sanbiani said he defecated in the utensils because he was suffering from a running g stomach.

Police Prosecutor Chief Inspector Isaac Banafo in prosecuting the case said the convict was arrested for stealing and led the police where he kept the decoder.

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When the judge asked if it was true that he stole the decoder and also defecated into the utensils, he confessed saying it was true.

He was then convicted on his own plea.


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