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Man Doesn’t Notice Black Panther Sneaking Up On Him From Behind Until It Is Too Late

Try not to gasp when you find out what happened next!

Black panthers are among the most majestic of the big cats. While they may look like the larger version of regular black housecats, they are infinitely more dangerous. These large felines can not be held as pets and are untamable, wild beasts. 

When we first saw this video of a black panther sneaking up on a man, we feared for his life. We couldn’t believe what happened next. Just imagine seeing this happen in real life! 

In the video, we see a man standing in what appears to be the enclosure of a black panther. He’s posing for a picture or a video, when a black panther starts sneaking up on him from behind. The man doesn’t seem to notice until the last moment. We have no idea why none of the bystanders thought to warn him. Maybe they were just too shocked…

As you can see, the man found out the black panther was sneaking up on him at the very last moment. He turns around in shock as the big cat pounces. There is only a very small space between the man and the predator. Are we seeing the last moments of this mans life, or does fortune interfere?

The man jumps back from the wall and the panther follows. He is now out of the enclosure, which for some reason was not fenced off. There is nowhere for the man to run. The black panther approaches him, but what happens next is unbelievable.

The man actually jumps up the wall, into the enclosure! This might not be a smart idea, if there are more black panthers around. Plus, nobody is stopping the panther he is running from from jumping after him. What is his plan? What is going to happen next?

Wait, what? What is happening here? The man suddenly finds himself face to face with the predator. The panther is only inches away from his face. This looks extremely dangerous. We’ve seen footage of what these beasts can do to their prey, so we’re ready to look away when disaster strikes. But then something incredible happens.


The man starts giving the panther kisses. The panther returns the favor with a few licks. We were so confused when we first saw this. This is a predator! But the predator is behaving like any housecat looking for cuddles and affection. Who knew that these beasts had this in them? We demand an explanation.

After doing some research, we found out that the person in the video is Eduardo Serio, nicknamed “Papa Bear”. When the video was shot, the Mexican-born businessman ran the Black Jaguar White Tiger feline sanctuary in Mexico.

Eduardo and his sanctuary would rescue big cats from circuses, breeders and zoos and promise to provide them with a better life at the sanctuary. Eduardo had a great bond with the black panther, which didn’t see him as prey but as his best friend.


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