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Liquorose’s Reign, Maria’s Eviction & all the tea from Week 5 in the #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye House



Housemates were expected to dribble the ball in and around the cones to the marked box as fast as possible. If a cone fell, the ball had to be returned to the start position and the challenge had to be restarted.

The double putt was a simplified version of challenge 3. Housemates had to simply roll the ball using their foot from anywhere in the box to the centre hole of the purple board. All that was required was that they successfully kick or roll the ball using their foot into one of the single holes.

Tactics are very necessary for football and this challenge presented them with the opportunity to show their tactical acumen. There was a single hole to put the ball and the ball could be placed anywhere as long as it didn’t cross the marked line. They were not allowed to roll or kick the ball from anywhere but outside the marked box.

A very common football challenge. They had to score a goal using the back of their heels to hit the ball. The ball had to be placed on the marked arrow. All that was required was a single goal. Each team was expected to nominate a representative for a particular challenge and teams were not allowed to change their reps once the game had started.

Team One had to play against Team Three and Team two played against Team four. They would play the game like a relay. Once the bell had been rung by the last team member, the clock would stop. No more than one player was allowed on the floor at a time. The Team with the fastest time would win the round.

Team One was started up by Cross, followed by Pere who found the second challenge tricky at first until he scored on the third try. The third game proved to be very difficult for Angel. Who knew that such a simple game could be so complicated? She finally managed to get the ball in the circle and Queen zoomed to the last challenge showing us her truly competitive nature.

Team two was started by Yousef who dribbled through the cones like a pro. He was followed by Liquorose who got the ball in at the second try and then Sammie finessed the third game in one go. Maria finished off with the back heel and they had completed the Challenges seamlessly.

Team Three was started up by Jaypaul, followed by Saskay and Nini who also went through the most visually frustrating experience with Challenge 3. Nini looked discouraged but eventually finished and  Michael closed off their round. Biggie asked them to rate their performance to which they replied, “Very poor, Big Brother.”

Team Four had Boma who came through like Didier Drogba with the dribble and Saga had a clean kick in one go. Jackie B also had some issues with too much kicking power for the ball to land in the hole during the third challenge. Peace finished off with the goal and this marked the end of the first round.

The Winner

Queen didn’t wait for Angel to return during their relay so Team One had five extra seconds added to their time. Despite this, they qualified for the final round. Team two qualified for the final round as well.

The two teams had to compete against each other, going through the same football course. Team 2 won and Biggie suggested they could join the Nigerian national team.

As the Peria Ship falls apart, a Queen hops into the picture. The #BBNaija House is full of surprises as dynamics change every week.

Day 35: That Pere and Queen Ship – BBNaija

Three weeks after we saw that little catfight for Pere between Maria and Queen, things have taken a 180-degree turn in the House.

We all got used to seeing Maria and Pere on our screens since day one when Pere set his sights and mind on Maria the night she walked into Biggie’s House. They have been giving off that Mr and Mrs Smith vibe that has us wondering when the next explosion will blow up between them, on top of their mic infringement tendencies!

Over the past two weeks, things have changed between Maria and Pere and right now, they seem like they can’t stand each other. Pere liked Maria initially and made it know with constant flirtation, then things fizzled out and he changed his mind.

Maria, during a Diary Session on Tuesday, said “Pere is the most annoying person I have ever met.” She feels that he is a friend, and she is fond of him. “We have this connection and all, but I just realised that he tries to annoy me and he keeps doing it.”

Pere also told Biggie that he was having some “friction” with Maria, and they were experiencing personal issues relating to one another. Maria has allegedly been going around the House defending herself and denying ever sharing a kiss with Pere. He shared this with Saga one frustrating morning during the week.

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Check out what Pere had to say about his vibe with Maria below:

So, we now have a potential love triangle that’s not quite based on love, developing among these three Housemates – Maria, Pere, and Queen. Queen was into Boma but had made it clear that she found Pere attractive.

Boma had been entertaining her, but he switched up when he became a self-proclaimed okro and will not be tied down to a woman. He put the icing on the cake by cruising with Angel in secret, which left both Queen and Sammie (Angel’s on and off flame – and Boma’s friend) hurt.

One thing we have seen for sure is that Pere and Queen have been getting closer lately.😲  Over the last few days Pere and Queen have been hanging out and today, we saw her finally falling asleep in his arms.

1630108601 28 screenshot 2021 08 27 at 18.15.49

At the end of the Friday Jacuzzi party, Queen also made herself comfortable on top of Pere who was seated on a chair in the garden. It was a scene that makes us anticipate some spicy drama coming our way, or at least, for the next two days?

With Pere, Maria and Queen up for Eviction this Sunday, we can only wonder if a new Ship will sail, or immediately sink soon.

An odd mix of art, fashion and football made the Bet9ja task an interesting spectacle.

The #BBNaija Housemates had the time of their life all thanks to the Bet9ja Task which was divided into two different unique activities. To carry out the Task, the Housemates were divided into four teams with each team having five members each.

The teams were Team Play Better, which included Jaypaul, Angel, Queen, Peace, and Cross — Team Live Better, which included Michael, Jackie B, Nini, Boma, and Liquorose. The third was named Team Dream Better and its members were Yousef, Sammie, Saga, Tega, and Saskay. The fourth and final Team was named Team Responsible Gaming and its members were JMK, Maria, Emmanuel, Whitemoney, and Pere.

For the first part of the Task, 29 outfits were provided for the Housemates, each with a unique artwork. The teams were to use the artwork on the outfits to create an art story that represents their chosen team name. This means, Team Live Better, for instance, had to use the artworks on their outfits to create a ‘Live Better’ story.

1630180648 56 bet4

Each Team was instructed to use a representative to narrate the idea behind the selection of each design, and how the overall collection represents their team’s name. This was to be done while the other members of the team modelled the outfits.

The second part of the Bet9ja Task took place in the Arena. For this part of the Task, the Housemates were provided with customized Jerseys. Team Dream Better and Team Live Better were instructed to wear green jerseys. While Team Responsible Gaming and Team Play Better wore black and white jerseys respectively.

In the Arena, the Housemates met a mini-football pitch which was set up like a ‘human football game’. The second part of the game was divided into two rounds. In the first round, Team Live Better played against Team Play Better, while Teams Dream Better and Responsible Gaming were up against each other.

1630180801 56 bet5

For each game, there were 2 halves of 5 minutes each. After each half, the teams were instructed to change their positions on the pitch. For every game, the House had to nominate an umpire who served as the referee and ensured that the game was played according to the rules.

The nominated Housemate was not to be a part of the team currently playing and his/her decision was final and bickering or arguing with them could result in the disqualification of the team.

After the games were played, the Team that scored the highest number of goals was to be crowned the winners. Fortunately for Team Play Better, they scored the highest number of goals and were automatically pronounced the winners of the second round of the task. For winning this task they were awarded the sum of one million naira to be shared amongst themselves.

1630181468 56 bet3

Judging by the criteria laid down for the first round which were: styling, creativity, message and storytelling, Team Dream Better gathered the highest points in that round and, as such, were announced the winners for the modelling and storytelling session.

Big Brother also acknowledged the outstanding performances of a few housemates during the football session and decided to reward them accordingly.

MVP award – Cross

Fair Play award – Whitemoney

Best Midfielder – Queen

Best Striker – Yousef

Best Defender – Cross

Each of these categories came with a hundred-thousand-naira reward. This means Cross received two hundred thousand naira for winning two of the categories while Yousef, Queen and Whitemoney all received one hundred thousand naira each.

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Today was the tipping point for Maria’s emotional build-up. After the first part of the Bet9ja Task, Maria broke down into tears in a way that shocked the #BBNaija Housemates.

She took off to her bed where Liquorose was seen trying to comfort her and find out what was happening. Still, in tears, she replied and said nothing was wrong, she just wanted to be alone.

This event left the Housemates speculating what could be the cause of Maria’s distress. In a conversation with Whitemoney and Sammie, Pere was reiterating his beef with Maria saying that she hadn’t spoken to him for two days. He also said that she said he was manipulative, and she didn’t their friendship at all.

It turns out, from the gist-y conversation that Maria was unhappy with the fact the Pere has been telling the newer Housemates about his feelings for her instead of simply saying they were just friends. It takes a turn when her emotions seem to be linked to Queen’s involvement with Pere lately.

Day 35: Maria has a breakdown – BBNaija

The housemates split and there was then a discussion between Pere and Whitemoney about her crying and what happened between her and Pere last night. Nini then joined and it was agreed they cannot trust her tears after her Oscar-worthy performance when she was given the fake eviction task. They even thought the presentation had triggered her emotions.

Later, Yousef asked Emmanuel if he knew why Maria was crying. He seemed worried and implied that maybe she was thinking about Sunday. He felt that they had to find out especially because of what happened to Kayvee when they could have paid more attention. Emmanuel concluded that he would try to investigate after the Saturday Night Party.

Before the party, Pere approached Maria and we heard him apologising to her. “I’m sorry I’ll go on my knees,” but she was not playing along with the melodrama. Pere went on to ask her if he could dance with her at the party. Maria was not having this conversation either.

Maria then brought up Queen and the way Pere has been relating with her. It seems to be a huge factor in Maria’s breakdown today. Pere responded saying that he didn’t want to embarrass her and push her away – referring to Queen. He gathered more words trying to win back Maria’s attention. “You may have the wrong perception, but I will always respect you, I promise. I promise. I’ll dance with you tonight though, even if it’s the last dance,” he insisted.

The conversation ended with Maria walking away from Pere to go and prepare for the party. It was at the party where we caught a glimpse of the two dancing together after a night of giving each other cold shoulders. Maria eventually let Johnnie Walker show her the way to loosen up and give Pere an ear.

We are still searching for the reason behind her tears but all fingers point at Pere at the moment.

Who knows? Could this be their last dance seeing that their fate in the #BBNaija House will be revealed on Eviction Sunday?

The Housemates grooved back to the ‘70s during the Saturday Night party.

Day 36: Steamy kisses and Johnnie Walker – BBNaija

The #BBNaija Housemates were super excited about spending their Saturday Night Party with Johnnie Walker in their cups, Boomplay and the superb Commissioner DJ Wysei. They could not contain their excitement when they received their Johnnie Walker customised packages. “Well done Johnnie Walker, my mind is blown!” expressed Emmanuel.

The theme for the night was ‘old school’. The Housemates had the perfect clothing to match the theme. The men’s clothes were designed by AY Stitches Venture and the ladies’ fits were designed by Ad_line Bespoke Clothing. They also had wigs to complement the vibe, taking us back to the ‘70s with the afros and wide-legged pants.

1630200866 28 screenshot 2021 08 28 at 22.28.28

Each Housemate undoubtedly had the time of their life on the dance floor last night. In Beatrice style, Angel and JMK removed their wigs at some point of the evening while they were tag-teaming through the tracks.

Queen was fired up with undiluted energy, also sharing her twerking gifts with some of the Shine Ya Eye guys. At a point, Jaypaul was laying flat on the ground while Queen bounced to the beat on top of him.😅

Sammie’s energy was contagious. He was bounced from one corner to another and his current hairstyle bounced away with him too! Tega and Boma were inseparable and making us wonder if there’s something we have missed between them?

1630200939 28 screenshot 2021 08 28 at 23.38.59

Jackie B had a blast dancing alone and with multiple dance partners, but we eventually saw towards the end of the party, what looked like an argument between her and Michael. Maria and Pere who had been going through personal issues surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) shared a dance after Maria denied Pere’s dance requests earlier in the evening.

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Saga and Nini were inseparable, whispering sweet words into each other’s ears throughout the party. They were the main characters of their own ‘70s type movie.

One of the songs played by DJ Commissioner Wysei towards the end of the party seemed to evoke powers and strengths within the Housemates’ bodies because, at that point, there was returning from the land groove.

It was a good night in the Party Arena because at the end of it all kisses were shared between Emmarose as well as Angel and Yousef. Thank you, Johnnie Walker, for all the liquid courage you gave the #BBNaija Housemates! 😁

Emmarose in tongue action

1630201718 28 screenshot 2021 08 29 at 01.05.54

Yousef gets temporarily ‘attached’ to Angel

1630201686 28 screenshot 2021 08 29 at 01.12.21

Tonight’s was a triple Eviction Show – Maria, JMK and Sammie were told they had to leave the House for good.

Live Show 7 - 29 Aug: Three Housemates say goodbye! – BBNaija

Well, there’s no point in beating about the bush – by now, everybody knows: a total of three Big Brother Housemates were Evicted, tonight, reducing the crowded House from 20 to 17. The six up for Eviction were the duplicitous duo of Pere and Maria, the unlucky in love Sammie, the two relative newcomers JMK and Queen, and Cross.

We’re sure they were all hoping that tonight would be another surprise “no Eviction” Sunday, but it quickly became clear that this was not the case. After a quick recap of some of the past week’s major events, Ebuka spoke to the Housemates and announced that the night’s first person to leave the House would be JMK.

When asked how she was feeling earlier today, JMK said, “I’m mostly numb. I don’t really feel anything. I don’t think that’s good.” When pressed by Big Brother to elaborate, she said, “right now, I’m just over it. I’ve gone through all the emotions I needed to go through.” Given those comments, perhaps JMK will take her Eviction relatively well.

During her onstage interview with Ebuka, she said that she was so excited. “For some weird reason, I feel like there is no losing in this game.” She reassured Ebuka that she was not feeling sad, which is an awesomely positive attitude to have. She said that she was a “convenient choice” for the Housemates to Nominate, as she was relatively new to the House, and she doesn’t hold any grudges.

We barely had time to say goodbye before Ebuka returned to the nervous Housemates and told them that it was time for the next Housemate to be Evicted. Once again, the Nominees were required to stand for what seemed like a long time to us and an eternity to them. Ebuka eventually put them out of their misery by announcing that Sammie was the next to go.

A few hours before the Eviction Show, Sammie described his Big Brother experience as “life-changing”. He said that the thing he would miss the most was the Tasks. “Those are the moments that you come together to think with different opinions and objectives. I showed myself the most in all of that, so I would miss the Tasks the most.”

When it came time for his chat with Ebuka, Sammie looked happy enough, saying that he expected his name would come up, tonight. He said he would miss Angel the most and would like to pursue a relationship with her outside of the House.

When he was shown the three Housemates who had Nominated him, he was surprised that Cross was among them. As for his immediate plans – “make more movies”.

It’s going to take some time for the dust to settle after the triple Eviction, but the remaining Housemates adidn’t have much time to relax.

Ebuka then took us through a recap of the week’s tasks and – of course – the Friday Pool Party before he returned to the House and confirmed their worst fears: that we weren’t done with the Evictions just yet, and the evening’s third Evicted Housemate would be none other than Maria – an announcement that had her fellow – now former – Housemates shocked.

During her Diary Session earlier today, Maria told Big Brother that she had been feeling alright until he called her name. “My heart’s beating so fast. I’m not ready to go, but if I have to go, I have to go. I just don’t know what’s waiting for me outside. I’m scared. I’m really scared.” Despite those fears, Maria still made a point of telling Big Brother, “thank you for this platform. Thank you for everything.”

“I’m surprised,” she told Ebuka. “It was really overwhelming at times,” she continued, “but I really didn’t want to leave.” When asked about her feelings for Pere, she made sure to get it on record that she likes him “as a friend”. As for the immediate future, she said she was excited to be moving back to Lagos.


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