A member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Kojo Razak Opoku, says it is surprising that Ghanaians are supporting the promulgation of laws against the legalisation of LGBTQ+ and against contributions towards the construction of a national cathedral.

“People are vehemently against LGBTQI and went further to initiate a Bill to criminalise the abnormal acts, aimed at helping to protect the laws of God, nature and cultural heritage.

“Yet, these same people are strongly against a construction of national cathedral for the same God who they are helping to protect His laws.”

In a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency on Friday in Accra, Mr Opoku called on Ghanaians to be truthful to themselves and adopt what was good and discard the evils of society.

“Why do you help God to protect the sanctity of His laws against LGBTQI and at the same time kicking against the Construction of God’s Cathedral? Are you not being a hypocrite?

“However, construction of a national cathedral for God is equally good as the passage of anti-LGBTQI Law. Both initiatives would help to protect and promote the sanctity of God, nature and cultural heritage,” he said.


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