The world celebrates sickle cell day on the 18th of June every year. What do you know about sickle cell, have you even bothered  to get information on it?

It will interest you to know that 15000 babies are born with cell disease annually. Out of this number 50%-80% die before attaining age five.

Sickle Cell Disease is an inherited disorder of the red blood cells. You inherit the genes from your parents. There are variants of hemoglobin common ones in our part of the world are A, S, C, F. Hemoglobin is a component of the RBC which aids in carrying oxygen.

You have to know your genotype to make informed decision especially when it comes to choosing a life partner.

An individual inherits an allele from each parent. Combinations such as SS, SC aren’t favorable or incompatible and could

lead to fatal outcomes.


An individual with SS or SC as the genotype develops sickle cell disease and exhibits certain symptoms in a critical situation

known as SICKLE CELL CRISIS. During sickle cell crisis the sickled red blood cells block vessels supplying blood to bones and other tissues.

Hemoglobin levels go very low (anaemia) – fatigue sets in, severe joint pains, lung and heart injuries amongst others.

It’s best advised that individuals know their sickling status and genotype. Don’t be ignorant. Get tested today

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