The Last Person Ebony Reigns Took A Picture With On Social Media Was A Man Of God–What Did He Say To Her?

Ebony Reigns death is the first celebrity death in 2018 and it comes off as very shocking and we can’t hold our tears any more. We had always known death to be merciless and wicked but we never expected it to be this wicked with Ebony, looking at the circumstances with which it snatched her away from us.

Ebony was just getting started in  her career and although she was very young, she had achieved soo much in 2017 that, several people including tipped her to win the artiste of the year at this year’s VGMAs but death has put an end to that dream–

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Ebony Reign’s last picture on Social media was with the revered Lawrence Tetteh, a respectable man of God and it’s had us wondering, what their conversation could have been about?

Ebony has received lots backlash from the public over the dressing several times and we are wondering pastor Lawrence Tetteh spoke about salvation with her?

What was their conversation about when they met? Ebony, why leave us soo soon? Why??


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