Lady Falls Inside Gutter After Receiving Hot Slap From A Tricycle Rider (Photos)


Are you always contending with drivers or users in public transport? People are more likely than not to battle over frivolous causes with drivers of public transport, there is no way that such disputes actually lead to anything positive. Instead, both sides sometimes finally lament their decisions.

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One of the news from many social media sites and the Internet included a lady who dropped in the gutter after a tricycle rider reportedly gave her a hot slap. This was the focus of a lot of online discussions as people reacted.

The lady allegedly got in a heated argument with the tricycle rider where she called him names that got the driver angry. The man in his bid to retaliate had to correct her with a heavy slap which landed her inside the gutter as if it’s her bedroom on her bed.

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Although, as bad as it sounds ladies should not be quick to harass men in public especially those who are strangers because they might hurt them and runaway. I believe this should be a big lesson to other ladies who are always found in this embarrassing act.

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