Did She Know She Was Going To Die? 5 Shocking Things Ebony Reigns Did Before Her Demise

Ghanaians woke up this morning to the shocking news of the demise of one of their greatest artistes, Ebony Reigns.

Although it is true that no one knows when he or she is going to finally exit this world, some people are of the believe that departed ones often leave traces of their death. It’s almost as if they had premonitions of their death.

A few people who believe this however believe that same can be said for the ‘Maame Hw3’ hitmaker.

Ebony Reigns, born Priscilla- Opoku Kwarteng was born on February 16, 1997. Yes, it was left with just a few days for her to celebrate her 21st birthday. She rose to fame with her songs ‘Poison’ and ‘Kupe.’ She has since then never ceased to disappoint her fans as she kept releasing hit after hit tracks.

Africans are of the strong believe that a woman should dress up to cover her body. For this reason, many Ghanaians were in a banter with Ebony Reigns. She was criticized a countless times about her choices of costumes. Many advised her to change her style of dressing. Some even went as far as calling doom on her if she didn’t change her choice of costumes.  Amidst all these, Ebony came out to say she was being ‘herself’ and wasn’t going to change for anything. However, some changes in her costumes later showed that she was beginning to heed to these pieces of advise. Nevertheless, she was hailed for her great talent and unique and powerful voice.

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Vital Gist  has noted five shocking things the 90’s badgyal did shortly before her demise.

1.She was covered in her last two photos on social media(Instagram)

The last two photos of Ebony on social media sees her all covered up in a straight dress which was below her knees. This photo was posted four days ago by her on her official Instagram page.


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2. She had reached out to one powerful man of God, Dr. Sonnie Badu

A post sited on the official Instagram page of Evangelist Dr. Sonnie Badu shows that the songstress had reached out to him just three days ago. The UK- based Ghanaian Gospel musician in eulogizing Ebony wrote he was glad to have showed her love in the smallest possible way from afar. It is not clear what both of them talked about or the kind of help Mr. Badu had extended to her. However, the ‘Baaba’ hitmaker went ahead and posted a screen shot of the ‘Hustle’ hitmaker’s thank you message to him. It reads;


Thank you so much sir

Honoured and may God truly bless you also

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Loooove your music by the way”

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3. Her last photo on Instagram sees he with another powerful man of God(Dr. Lawrence Tetteh)

The last photo of Ebony Reigns on her Instagram page sees her posed  with Dr. Lawrence Tetteh.

Dr. Lawrence Tetteh is the Founding President of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach | Lawrence Tetteh Ministries (LTWMO). An International Evangelist, a Teacher of the Gospel, he is the author of many books, including ‘The Dangers of Offence’ and ‘Count Your Blessings’.

4. She had payed a visit to her folks at her hometown.

This is where it all ended. Ebony Reigns passed away on her way to Accra after visiting her family in Sunyani. Her folks were so happy seeing her that they just couldn’t stop snapping pictures and taking videos of her. Another notable thing in the video in which Ebony was last seen with her family was the fact that there was also another man of God in the video. Did she go there to say ‘goodbye’ to them or ‘ I shall return?’


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5. Was she prepared or not for this other journey?

Ebony was loved and at the same time criticized by many Ghanaians. Many wished her doom and now she’s finally gone whether you believe it or not. She was a very lively fellow whose smile could melt ones pains away. As she’s no more, many are attributing her death to all sorts of things.However, what matters now are the signs she left behind. She was in her last days always in contact with powerful men of God. Nobody knows how prepared she was but whether she knew she was going to die or  not, she’s gone. Her music however, will continue to live and so is all that she did whiles still on earth.


From the Editorial team @ Vital Gist, we wish to express our condolences to the family and all we say, Rest in perfect peace Ebony Reigns.!!!

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