Kenpong Football academy new bus which has toilet and Wi-Fi causes stir



A new ultra-modern bus of Kenpong Football academy which has a toilet and Wi-Fi has raised a lot of reactions on social media.

The academy which is owned by the celebrated business mogul Kennedy Agyapong (Kenpong) has set out to be a model club for soccer academies in the country and signs point to the fact, attainment of this lofty goal is almost done.

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According to an inside report, the 49-seater bus has in its makeup modern facilities such as free Wi-Fi and a lavatory for players, coaches, and other occupants.

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The newly-acquired bus is drabbed in the club’s red and white colours with the logo of the club emboldened on it.

Reports indicate that club owner Kenpong purchased the bus at an astronomical price to ensure that players, technical team members, and anyone who will board the bus will enjoy a comfortable ride.

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Check out the photo below:

Check out the new bus of Kenpong Football academy which has toilet and Wi-Fi facilities

Source: Michael Agyapong Agyapa/2021


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