Keeping Multiple Wives is a Blessing – Dr. Kwaku Oteng Reveals


Popular Ghanaian Millionaire, Dr. Kwaku Oteng has dished out advice to colleagues to keep multiple wives than side chicks as that gives more blessings.

He noted that base on what he has gone through in life, it has become his philosophy to cater for children he fathers out of wedlock and make such women his wives.

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The business mogul made this known in an interview with Vaultz Magazine as he opens up that it’s better to adopt polygamous than keeping concubines in the name of obeying the teachings of the bible while no book speaks against having multiple wives.

He indicated that a lot of married men are having multiple girlfriends but people like him are the ones who are courageous to bring the ladies as their second or third wives.

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Dr. Kwaku Oteng added that these men with girlfriends aside from being married move to the extent of hiding their biological children because they were born out of wedlock but that’s not in his books.

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He emphasized that for him he father a child with a woman and make it public for people to see adding that he had ordeal in the past so doesn’t want anyone child to go through that as no books speak against having multiple wives so it’s not a sin.


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