Many questions have been asked about grades and the rate of acceptance into certain Educational institutions in furthering their Education. Generally, before you can be admitted into the Basic or General Nursing program in Ghana,  you must possess some required passes in some subjects and Sitings.

In this article, you’ll get to know about the requirements and understand how D7 is accepted for Nursing Training in Ghana. 

Is D7 accepted for Nursing Training in Ghana?

The good news is D7s are accepted for reading certificate nursing programmes.

Unfortunately, you cannot read Diploma or Degree programs in Ghana with D7.

What is D7 and its significance in Ghana?

According to the WAEC Result Interpretation, D7 is a pass. This means that even if you get A1 in all 7 subjects and get D7 in one subject, you cannot still secure admission in any university in Ghana. For this reason, it does not matter whether the university is a public university or a private university in Ghana.

Requirement for Diploma Programme

Diploma Nursing programmes offered in Health Training Institutions

  1. Registered General Nursing
  2. Registered Mental Nursing
  3. Registered Midwifery (Females only)
  4. Registered Community Health Nursing

Requirement for Nursing Training  Programme in Ghana

Requirement for Nursing Training Programme in Ghana

By now, I believe you now understand if D7 is accepted for Nursing in Ghana, its significance and effect in Ghana. Kindly share this article to help educate others.


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