Gershon Boakye Writes: Influence Of Education On The Youth

Good day honorable brethren.I am really blessed to meet up with you to delve humbly into the influence of education on the youth; even in the wake of issues besieging the recent clash between the Oguaa hall residents and some Conti and Vandal affiliates.

Fasten your seat belts as we flow through a rather brief intrinsic deliberation and analysis.My name is Gershon Boakye;and I love you for being a reader.

Ideally,education is schematically,in formal terms,meant to enable knowledge to be imparted,faculties to be trained and skills to be developed.Not wanting to hurriedly veer into the prevailing opposite occurrences in our academic circles, I love to hint on some positive impacts we envisage and expect education to fume in the youth, especially.

The youth have been the most vibrant and exuberant resource of every nation in the context of nation building and national endowments and resources.In this regard,we have realized how difficult it was,especially in Ghana,to convince parents to send their children to school during the ancient era.For female education,the advocacy was even greater.Now,civilization and societal demands as well as aspirations have contributed in more of our children and youth being educated in the formal way.It has been good how many of these youth have been able to transform societies by their formally acquired knowledge.Some of them have helped to abolish very bad and weird local cultural systems.The likes of child marriage and child slavery have been way-reduced surging unto non-existence.Job creation and entrepreneuship for that matter have made the youth useful.Language interpretation by the youth has made the youth better useful in even hinterlands.

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Actually,it is rather unwelcoming to receive news or witness occurrences of learned youth or pro learned students chanting profanity and getting involved in rather rascal and rebellious ventures in and out of school.In the evening of Friday,the 17th day of March,2017, ATL-invitees,Conti and Vandals students thronged onto University of Cape Coast Campus to co-celebrate the hallweek festivities of ATL.

In the course of the night proceedings,rage and crisis were spewed and it resulted in ‘knife-cutting’ and derailment of Oguaa hall infrastructural assets and even beyond.

Students who are expected to know better concerning issues of tolerance,good companionship and peaceful co-existence are now flouting fundamental rules tagging themselves above the law.Innocent people get smashed and guilty ones “have their heads unbruised”. Could some things be done to prevent such mishaps?Yes.So why did it still happen?-Carelessness and non-proactiveness- not to direct it to a particular people though;because we all form part of the government and the blame.

Education is expected to influence the youth solely positively;but some ‘by-products and by-experiences’ cause pro-learned students to misbehave.Education is to influence the youth to be more proactive and discipline.It is to make us better.It is to mould us to be fruitfully creative and innovative ;than to succumb to non-resourceful peer pressure and vandalism.Will we be more humble to school authorities?Can we see our college rivalry as a good basis to achieve better than to sparkle physical and psycho-emotional battles? I,Gershon Boakye step up in humility to plead the youth to be sober .Let us leave a prolific and splendid legacy for posterity.

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In a conclusive mode,I come in before you the youth especially to embrace the liably proposed and expected influence of education in our lives,avoid vandalism,fear God,be humble,desire and apply to be discipline and aspire to better individuals.The media are always ready to publish trends .I believe if we become addicted to doing and achieving the good,they can’t resist publishing them either.
Long live Ghana!
Long live Africa!
Blessed be our generation and posterity.

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