I’m not going to fill Martin Amidu’s shoes; I’ll wear my own


Special Prosecutor nominee Kissi Agyebeng has noted that he intends to chart his own path and man the Office of the Special Prosecutor from his own professional training and experiences rather than attempting to” fill the shoes” of his predecessor, Martin Amidu.

Answering questions at his vetting in Parliament today,July 22, 2021, Mr Agyebeng said that his intention was not to attempt to act like his predecessor by filling his shoes but that he will wear his own shoes when he is sworn in as Ghana’s second Prosecutor.

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“There was a reference to filling the heavy shoes of a named individual, but I will prefer to wear my own shoes in the sense that I am my own man. And I am coming with my own experiences and professional training. In this quest, my conscience and learning of the law are going to be my guide,” he said in answer to a question posed by Minority Leader Haruna Iddrisu.

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Mr Agyebeng also answered questions on his suitability given his relatively young age of 43. He explained that he was qualified through his experience and qualification and that his age will not be a barrier to the execution of his duties.

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Mr Agyebeng is a much-experienced law lecturer, specializing in Criminal Law. He has been a lawyer in several landmark criminal cases in the country. He has eighteen years of legal practice.


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