By: Kpebu Ernest Connect 
This past year has been a lot for us all. Feel like I have spent so much time in my mind and not enough time in my heart. How much time do we spend as humans worrying about empty things? Validation, Power, Sex, Food etc ? Looking back I have never been fulfilled by any of these.
My only true happiness internally and externally has been when I follow my heart; not society.
Last year was many magical moments in offline stuff, blogging, love and friendship but also full of dark moments. I’ve had my privacy stolen & extorted, I have hurt people I love. I’ve lost family, I’ve ignored things inside me that needs to be felt. My ego has caused my soul storms of stress. Especially, nearing the end of last year, I’ve felt suicidal, numb, inspired, enlightened, full of energy, at rock bottom + everything in between.
I have selfishly created a heaven on earth life for myself from nothing and experienced everything one’s ego could ever dream of.
The paradox of our ego is that, it is never filled, the most intelligent and beautiful way to exist is something selfless out of awareness; hence Love. To the Love One’s, Friends & Family in my life – thanks a million, I’m grateful. —-> 2022 we are going to “hustle” like never before and create from our heart and soul. Hope everyone of you who reads this levels up this year in Health and your Passions 🙌.
I’m only free because I’m not afraid — Everything I’m afraid of, already happened to me ♾️💗
Happy Birthday To Me 🕊
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