If children were born out of good sex, a lot of marriages would be childless – Uncle Ebo Whyte



If children were born out of good sex, a lot of marriages would be childless - Uncle Ebo Whyte
Uncle Ebo Whyte

According to Uncle Ebo Whyte, good sex is a rare phenomenon that needs to be given more attention than it currently courts. In his new book, Let’s Talk About Sex, he hopes to help couples bridge the gap between making love to a woman’s body and making love to her mind and heart.

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Uncle Ebo Whyte recounted an encounter that suggested that the topic of sex is not readily welcomed in our society. He said, Giovani, there are certain subjects you cannot talk about in Ghana. I remember when the news went out that I was releasing a book. And a woman called my wife. She said, Sandra, I heard you are writing a book on sex. But do you guys know sex?

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“It’s the one subject that everybody thinks he’s a master of. And yet, a lot of people know next to nothing about it. If Children were born out of good sex, a lot of marriages would be childless. Because even though a lot of people think they know so much about it, the majority have no clue what they are doing.”

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He also pointed out that most counsellors themselves don’t know. So they don’t even go deep into the issue of sex. Uncle Ebo Whyte revealed that even for him, he had to take a book about sex on his honeymoon to help him ease into his new role.

Uncle Ebo Whyte also disclosed how to properly engage in meaningful sexual intercourse that bonds couples in relationships. He called for other elements like the mind and heart, which would seal a more intimate connection during the act.

“My definition of good sex is you building the act on the back of a deep emotional connection. Respect, thoughtfulness and care about and for your partner. Sex is just an expression of that feeling, of that relationship.

So I say that a man must learn to make love to a woman’s heart and mind before he makes love to her body. Otherwise, what you are having is not sex. If all you do is make love to a woman’s body. You haven’t had sex. All you’ve done is penetration.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana


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