‘I Have 12 Boyfriends & I Use Double Track To Manage Them’ – Xandy Kamel


Actress Xandy Karmel has said in a fresh interview that she has multiple boyfriends whom she manages simultaneously by using Akufo Addo’s famous double track system.

Speaking on ‘After Hours’ TV show with Kwame Oboadie, the plump actress who has realized indulging in controversies soars her brand, clarified that she has scheduled her 12 boyfriends in such a way one visits her in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Kwame Oboadie asked her “I understand you have 10 boyfriends, is it true…?“

“When God starts blessing you, He widens your territory and by God’s grace now I have 12 boyfriends.” she responded.

Kwame asked further “so how do you manage the 12 boyfriends, do you Nana Addo’s double track system..?“

“Well, my 12 boyfriends understand themselves and they all know I’m their girlfriend. Leadership by help so I adopted Nana Addo’s Double Track.“

“Some of them come in the morning, afternoon and evening” Xandy Kamel added

Source: Ghgosip.com

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