The honorable member of parliament, Sam George has revealed that he regrets making certain decisions. In an interview with Joy 99 FM, Sam George revealed that he has come to realize that being bold is very important and sometimes you have to overlook certain criticizing statements and down pulling’s. The lgbtq agenda was strongly pushed by Sam George and many didn’t understand. Now, many government officials forced in this movement but it seems Sam George took it to a whole new level and this is why he has become one of the faces in the movement against it.

You must be wondering why he has taken this so serious and that’s because sometimes, it takes a single person to make a change. Sometimes we demand a single action from a single person to effect a change and that’s something we have seen on several occasions and for decades now. Sam George is believed to be the revolutionary person who will do all it takes to curb the lgbtq practice in Ghana.

I am now regretting my decision to wait longer before enforcing this movement. And I personally think there are times and seasons for every activity under heaven as stated by the Bible- he boldly declared. Sam George claims even though he did not push this agenda early, he is happy to say that it is being effective now than he ever imagined. And he is happy about how Ghanaians accepted this.

Sam George after being questioned on why he has taken this issue very personal revealed that he has not taken it personal. He revealed that carnality is something that has been with man from the beginning. But if you closely observe and monitor the activities of these persons in this act, you’ll realize they’re not doing it out of their own will. But rather, they’re doing this because they need help. And this help could be emotional, psychological, hormonal and many other reasons.

He revealed also that the decision to use the fact that it is a human right to find themselves into the public space is very wrong. Sam George further spoke about the fact that there is a vast difference between preference and right. And from what is happening, this is a sexual preference and not a right. Sam George reminded the general public about how wrong this is and why they shouldn’t allow themselves to be wooed into supporting this based on rights.


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