Husband Impregnates Two Sisters, Wife Angrily Files For Divorce


Jonas Antwi, a 42 years business man is in a serious situation where we believe that, its only God that can save him and save his marriage, if he can forgive himself.

Jonas Antwi and Matilda Antwi has been married for 8 years now and blessed with two beautiful children. They lived together with the wife’s family since their home got destroyed by flood.

The wife has two sisters who are matured, Akosua (23) and Gloria (26) years respectively. Sometimes Matilda do discuss her marriage and how romantic her husband is when they get sexual to her younger siblings.

She goes extend of telling her sisters what turns her husband on all the stuff he likes during romance. She even described the size of his manhood to her sisters and how it shakes her whole body when the husband begins to work on her.

The wife went for a two weeks trip leaving her husband and two kids in the care of her sisters. Unfortunately, the sisters tried all the tricks Matilda told them about her husband and they were able to get the man. He had an affair with the two sisters without both of them knowing.

Two months later, results came from the affairs they both had with their sisters husband. The news broke when the Gloria decided to abort the pregnancy after she found out that she was pregnant. Sadly, the abortion didn’t go well as blood continue to flow. She was then rushed to the hospital by her family when she got scared herself and called for help.

Akosua with fear decided to do a pregnancy test because she had an unprotected sex with her sisters husband too. She check and it was positive, she was confused on what to do because seeing what her sister is going through on the hospital bed is scary for her.

Before Gloria will be discharged from the hospital, Akosua confessed to the entire family about what happened between herself and Matilda’s husband but she blamed Matilda for pushing her to go that extra mile for telling them about her marital and sex life. She made them aware that, she is carrying a child for her sisters husband.

The 26years old sister also narrated what happened and blamed it on the Matilda.

The wife is filling for divorce, because the husband gave himself cheaply to her younger sisters. Meanwhile she, Matilda was the one who told the sisters about the husbands weakness.

This matter is currently being discussed by the elders of their family and we will bring you more if there should be any new development.



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