How to turn your phone into a TV remote


These days smartphones can do almost anything such as: paying bills, GPS location, compass and so on. Then why are we still finding it difficult to change the TV station when you don’t have a remote control when you can use your smartphone from the comfort of your couch.

To turn your mobile phone into a universal remote control you need to download the free sure smart home and TV universal remote app both available for IOS and Android devices. If you would prefer to use another app, others exist on both marketplaces such as AnyMote, ASmart Remote IR and IR Universal Remote.

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Most phones comes with an inbuilt infrared (IR) transmitter also known as an IR blaster. Infrared is the lightwave frequency that your TV remote works on, and its inclusion in a mobile phone makes it easier to use apps such as the SURE Universal Remote. If your TV also comes with WiFi you can also control it over a local wireless network.

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How to use it

Once you have installed the SURE app, it’ll guide you through the process of setting up any TV you want to control.

Simply select the brand of your TV and your location (necessary for the app to load up the correct TV guide for your area) and the app will guide you through testing the power button and channel buttons to determine the specific remote protocol your TV uses.

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Don’t worry the app is very simple to use if you want to do a little change in the settings. The app is compatible with most modern TVs such as : LG, SONY, SAMSUNG, PHILIP etc.


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