It is difficult for people to track their mobile phone when it get missing. Is obvious one can forget his mobile in the car or just anywhere due to overthinking or any factor. It can be stolen. In this piece let’s see how you can track your mobile phone when it is missing.


It is completely disappointing when you lose your handset. It used to be almost impossible to track your lost phone unless you are who is who in the society.

However, in current days with developed technology, tracking a device is no longer a headache. You can do it by yourself using a smartphone and an internet connection. This is made realistic by Google Android Device Manager (ADM)- find my device.

You can easily track your phone provided that your lost phone is connected to a Google account, internet access, and the local location.

How to locate your lost device.

1. Visit on your pc or another device.

2. Sign in to your Google account.

3. Select the particular device you are searching.

4. You will be represented with the appropriate location of your Lost device.

5. You have the options to choose from:

a. Making it ring even if the device is in silent mode.

b. Locking it with a PIN password or pattern even if you didn’t have one.

c. You can write a message on the lock screen. For instance you can write “please call this number if you have my device or you can write take me home”.

d. You can choose to erase all the data on your device for security reasons.

However, is your phone was off, ADM can only tell you the place your device was seen last.


Every smartphone has a unique IMEI number assigned to it and you can access it by directly dialing *#060#. Besides, it is always written beneath the phone battery.

When you lose your phone, you will need to launch a FIR with the police attaching a copy of the IMEI number with it after which go home and rest. The police will call you in two to three weeks time inviting you to go for your device. Remember to remember not to be arrogant when going to report such and if not, they won’t help you. Put “my right” aside please.

2. Mart Look.


This is a wonderful software. It clicks the picture of the “thief” and immediately emails you. It’s equipped with GPS continuous tracking system which is linked to Google maps.


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