How To Survive If Mistakenly Buried Alive


Just imagine for instance waking up in a coffin, you try as much as you can to open it and you later realise that you that you have been buried alive.

Having no cell phone with you in such a condition, no connection with people outside, cannot even move, the only option is to die slowly.

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But wait, has tips that can help you survive in such a carlous situation.

They are provided below;


A. Try As Much As You Can To Manage Your air.

Please you have to understand that you are now in another place with many limitations.

Do not panic because it will increase your heart beat which will use up the available oxygen.

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Try as much as you can to hold your breath for long and release it gently. Never try to light a match, use a torch instead. The whole point is to manage your air.

B. Search For A Pin Hole

Examine the nature of wood it it was made of.

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If soft, break it or use a metal and make a sound till you are heard.

C. Try And Get Rid Of Heavy Clothing

To reduce stress, take your dress off so as to get air for energy.

Thank you very much for reading this article.


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