How To Stop Premature Ejaculation

At some point in your s%x life, you might have experienced premature ejaculation, and you definitely know how frustrating it can be. Almost a third of men in the world experience premature ejaculation at some point in their life.
Nothing hurts a man’s ego like being unable to s%xually perform well in bed. Most women like men who can s%xually satisfy them. One of the most common s%xual problems that affect men is Premature Ejaculation (PE). About 30% of men suffer from PE at some point in their s%x life.  Women who have partners that suffer from premature ejaculation are often frustrated by.
We can say an ejaculation is premature if it happens 30sec to 4 minutes during a s%x session. In fact, any s%xual intercourse that lasts less than 2 minutes can be termed as premature ejaculation. One thing that leads to strained s%xual relationships and dissatisfaction is the inability of a man to last longer in bed.
No man would like to be tagged with the “one-minute man” Mulligan, and nothing bruises a man’s ego like being known as one. Women are often displeased with men who can’t fulfill their s%xual desires.
What causes Premature Ejaculation (PE)?
PE can be caused by a biological or psychological factor. It can happen because of hyperactive reflexes, oversensitive genital skin, infrequent s%xual activity or extreme arousal. More so, it can be caused by other factors like fear, guilt, genetics, inflammation, and infection of the urethra or prostate.
PE happens too soon before a couple can enjoy s%x.
There are two types of PE; lifelong and acquired premature ejaculation.
While lifelong PE occurs early on, especially as a teenager during your first s%xual encounter, acquired PE occurs later in life and is usually caused by certain chronic diseases or psychological causes.

If you’re suffering from PE, there are numerous ways you can control or stop premature ejaculation, the following are tips on how to stop premature ejaculation:
The first step to stop premature ejaculation is accepting that you have a s%xual problem (a problem known is half solved). Next thing is to seek help from a physician. Before consulting a doctor or s%x therapist for help, try doing some simple techniques that help to stop PE.
The following are some self-help techniques that have been proven to help stop premature ejaculation;

S%x Position

The thought that s%x position can cause PE is kind of unimaginable, but believe me, one of the most popular s%x positions among couples (missionary s%x position) has been associated with premature ejaculation. This is because this particular s%x position requires the man to support his body weight with his core and arms strength thus increasing muscular tension.
This may sound weird but if you are struggling with PE, then you should consider other s%x positions that don’t require muscular tension i.e. Cowgirl (the position whereby the woman is on top of the man).
Other self-help techniques that help to stop premature ejaculation is to use a thick condom, taking a deep breath and taking a break during s%x.

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Pause-Start method

In order for the ejaculation to subside one need to stop thrusting completely while at the same time maintaining penetration. Once the sensation to ejaculate is gone you can continue thrusting.

Pelvic floor muscle training

One of the most effective ways to stop premature ejaculation is strengthening your pelvic muscles. The pelvic muscles help in controlling the penis. They have the ability to prevent PE, and for this to happen you need to actively engage them prior to ejaculation. Pelvic muscles get weaker with age, thus increasing the chance of premature ejaculation as one gets older.

Squeeze technique

Withdraw your penis during s%x and squeeze the head of the penis until the ejaculation sensation has subsided, then resume having s%x.


With this technique, you need to slow the pace of thrusting. You should do this at a varying depth and angle of penetration. You should engage your pelvic muscles for this method to be more effective. Talk to a Doctor or an expert
Talking to an expert (s%x therapist)  is definitely a good idea since PE can also be caused by a psychological factor. Most people are shy or ashamed talking about their s%xual problems but bear in mind that to have a healthy s%x life you need to be ready to discuss your s%xual problems with both your partner and your doctor.

Prolong  Foreplay

Prolonging foreplay can help to increase the satisfaction of your partner as well as help in delaying your ejaculation. Longer foreplay is said to improve the relationship by reducing dissatisfaction, frustration, and performance-related anxiety. spend at least 30-40 mins in foreplay.
It is said that the more tension men feel during s%x, the more likely they will suffer from PE.

Final Verdict

At some point in your s%x life, you might have experienced premature ejaculation, almost a third of men in the world experience premature ejaculation at a given time in their lives and PE can be very frustrating.
The tips given above are just simple techniques on how to stop premature ejaculation (very effective) put them to practice so you can enjoy s%x with your partner.

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