How to make money on University or Tertiary Campus in Ghana

Making money in the University or in Tertiary institutions in Ghana is really a big deal.

A lot of people enter the Tertiary level of education to study and make good grades, but financial constraints or the desire to make money or a combination of those could lead a few students to venture into running businesses. Some also crave for success and want to gain financial independence.

Some businesses require a lot of capital and time, others do not. In this post, I look at some businesses you can run on campus (and still make good grades).

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  1. Photography and Graphic Design

Pictures tell the story long after the event is over. If you own a decent Camera and can take really good photographs, you could start a small photography business on Campus. The key to this is to make sure you create a good brand for yourself and deliver quality always. Politicians on campus, as well as amateur models, will all come to you once you establish yourself. And if you cannot do the graphic design aspect yourself, just get a friend who is good in designing then you can subcontract him to do the designs for posters, etc.

  1. Make and Sell Sobolo and Pastries

Sobolo and pastries – quite the combination. This business does not require a lot of money to start up and once you do, sales are sure to boom because people have to eat. The pastries are an addition to the sobolo and since it is more difficult to get the pastries, you can just buy them at lower cost and re-sell. Sobolo and pastries sell best in the halls of residence, bigger hostels and lecture theatres (check with University rules if you can sell at those places).

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