Hints into the Big Brother Naija Season 6 (2021) Edition


Big Brother Naija is back with a brand-new season packed with firsts and unadulterated drama.

Many of you have been begging for insights about the next Season after Laycon’s Big Brother Naija Lockdown victory and an eye-opening Reunion, but you know – Big Brother like to save the juicy secrets for the main event.

However, we have made an exception for you. Here’s a first peak at some of the stunning things to look out for this season in the continent’s most-watched House.

Shiny new Eye

By now, you’ve all seen the gleaming new BBNaija Eye, which differs significantly from previous seasons’. This year’s Big Brother Naija logo features a glossy gemstone texture with a revamped color scheme of blue, yellow, and red.

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Bigger prizes

The winner’s prize has always been large over the past five seasons, but this season’s payout is considerably higher than we’ve seen before. The final prize for the winner would be N90 million, the largest prize pool for a reality TV show on the continent.

Fancy new House

Biggie’s House is a must-see! Prepare for some hot and fashionable interior décor that will make the Housemates feel like they’re on vacation. We’re also looking forward to seeing what they’re up to in there.

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Spicy new Housemates

This season will be too hot to handle; the issue is, are you ready to watch this trendy and fresh collection of Housemates perform? The geng promises to deliver just the right amount of tea and all the ingredients to keep you glued to your screens – and forget about anything you’ve seen or heard on social media; the Housemates haven’t been revealed yet. On the night of the launch, the great revelation takes place. It’s not to be missed!

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Shocking twists

Think you’ve had your fill of gbas and gbos from last season? Think again! You’ll be even more surprised by what Biggie has in store for the Housemates this time, because nothing is as it seems. Let’s talk about the inner workings! Some things can only be done in Biggie’s House.

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