Episode 2- Class Activities Commences.

The next day began with class activities of which two mates of Diane,Daniel and Demas start showing interest in her through their reactions. DIANE: Good morning class( she greeted her mates immediately she entered). Demas who saw her entering stood up suddenly and replied.This made all their mates turn to Demas direction and stared at him with surprise. She then replied to Demas.. DIANE: I’m good ( she said and went to her seat) LOVE: Diane where have you been? We’ve been to every part of the school but couldn’t see you. Diane who looked very pale replied in a soft voice saying she had a stomach upset …Demas who overheard what Diane said went closer to her and tried to interfere. Diane then told him she was a little better now and took her seat.

Immediately after break time, the Mathematics teacher, Mr Adams, entered the class and wrote some questions on simultaneous equation on the board.Some students who had forgotten the method in solving it showed a timid look. MR. ADAMS: Class, answer the questions on the board.(he said and went round to check on everyone’s work) I hope you remember we did an aspect of it before your last term’s vacation? He asked and Spendilove. SPENDILOVE: Yea Sir. MR. ADAMS :Okay ,you have 5minutes to stop work.(he said and sat a teachers seat in the class).

DANIEL: Sir (he said and stood up). Please ,I think there is a mistake with the question 5. Mr Adams who knew the question was right asked him to sit . MR. ADAMS: Gentleman, please take your seat immediately and work it out. Demas stood up after that and told the teacher that the question was correct after he had worked it for several times. The teacher then told them to get ready and stop work. Daniel who felt very timid because he wasn’t done pleaded for more time.

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MR. ADAMS: Okay the rest pass your books forward for making. After some minutes ,he was done marking and called out those who had some questions answered wrongly to fall out.

MR. ADAMS: Class, am done marking any mistake attracts a stroke.(he said and mentioned their names ) He called Love,Henrietta ,Betty ,Daniel and Diane . He caned them with the exception of Diane who claimed she was having an upset stomach. Demas who noticed the mood of the maths teacher stood up to defend her. DEMAS: Sir, please it’s true..she even came to class very late. Not very convinced about what Demas said, he then asked Diane’s friends and they all said yes. MR. ADAMS: Is that true, Love? ( he asked). LOVE: Yes, please. She said that and being now convinced he allowed Diane to go to her seat..

 *************** When class ended,they all left for their dormitories. While in dormitory, Liberty (demas’ friend ) who noticed some reactions demas showed in class today, asked him some questions. LIBERTY: Demas (he called him and he came close to him). I noticed some change in your reactions in class today.

DEMAS: Really (he asked in surprise wondering what Liberty was driving at. LIBERTY: Yeah (he then told him about what it was). I noticed you were interfering in whatever Diane was included… DEMAS:Yeah,its true. LIBERTY:Why are you interested in her(he finally asked him).
DEMAS: Yeah Liberty, I always have an unusual feeling when I see her..(he concluded). They both talked about this issue for something and went to bed later on.

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To be continued…………..

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