(Episode 1) A new term begins.

Diane prepares for school again, as her vacation holiday has ended. Her dad calls out to check if she’s done parking her time

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MR. PERTTY: Diane, are you done packing your things for school. Its almost 8:00am and you know we’re running late.
DIANE: Dad, (she calls out while in the room) please just a minute I’m on ma way (she quickly runs out). MR. PERTTY: Are you fully set now? (he asked) DIANE:Yea dad, we can go now. (Mr Pertty then called her, who comes out of the room and waves them goodbye).

On their way, Mr Pertty buys some provisions for Diane. He parks his Mercedes Benz in front of a supermarket and gets the provision.

DIANE: Dad I think what we’ve bought so far is enough. It can keep me throughout the term.
MR. PERTTY: Really? DIANE: Yea dad. MR. PERTTY: OK,if you say so.

They left the supermarket and head towards Diane’s school which was a few kilometers away from the supermarket.

MR. PERTTY: Hope you learn very hard this term ok? (he says as he drives his benz through Diane’s school gate).
DIANE: okay dad. Mr Pertty parks his car and they head towards the school’s administration to do some registration. MR. PERTTY: Good morning Sir. (he greets the school’s accountant immediately he entered the office with Diane).
MR. OFORI:Good morning Sir, please have a seat.(he says and Mr Pertty sits down on a chair right in front of his desk).
MR. PERTTY: Please I came with my daughter to do her registration as they had just began a new academic year).
MR. OFORI: Okay then please give me her details . ( Diane then gives her details to the school’s accountant and finally leaves for her dormitory and waves her dad goodbye).

Diane gets to her dormitory and her friends are impatiently waiting to see her. BETTY: Eeeeiiii Pretty Diane, you are dearly welcome ( she’s calls out immediately she saw her entering the dormitory )
DIANE: I’ve really missed you guys .(she says and hugs each one of them). LOVE: So what kept you late like that? DIANE: I had to buy some provisions on my way at one of the supermarkets. HENRIETTA: Really. DIANE: Yeah,my dad even accompanied me from the house to that place and finally here. BETTY: Okay that’s nice.

They then helped Diane to unpack her stuffs and lay her bed as well…After helping her, they shared their experiences back home during the vacations and how they celebrated…They all talked about both their excitements and sorrowful moments which were very abysmal to their liking..They talked at length for sometime until the bell was rang for opening assembly…

To be continued….. next episode to be released on Wednesday…

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