GMB 2021: Wedaga, Upper East, emerges Star Performer on talent night



GMB 2021: Wedaga, Upper East, emerges Star Performer on talent night
Wedaga (Upper East region)

Wedaga reporting from the Samanpiid festival grounds for GMB TV was an exciting performance that kept everyone on the edge of their seats, including the judges. This hearty and entirely fresh session was undoubtedly the star performance of the night. 

Princess Diana Wedaga Ayongo from the Upper East region’s role as a news reporter saw originality and was most pertinent to the given task. She took the audience through an apt and conclusive excursion to the Samanpiid festival in Bawku. 

Wedaga – Upper East region

“Thank you so much, Gadede. As you can see, the whole atmosphere is heightened with celebration as culture is at its peak. Samanpiid is a Kusaug word that means sweeping of the compound. This festival is celebrated annually by the people of Bawku to thank the Gods for a successful farming season. It is marked on the last Sunday of the month of December. It begins by the household offering sacrifice to the gods, which are then climaxed by merrymaking. Spearheaded by the overlord, Naba Asigri Abugrago Azoka II, with his 23 divisional chiefs and subchiefs.”

And the most breathtaking part was where she switched voice and mannerism to introduce another character onto the scene. Mimicking the Indian accent, Wedaga continued her narrative with this witty and comical character called Azuri. 

Wedaga – Upper East region

“Thank you. My name is Azuri. I am a native of Bawku, but I live in India. The Samanpiid festival is a festival of thanksgiving. A time of unity and a time of development. It is also a time to make good use of our tourist attraction sites like the Naa Gbewaa Shrine, where the founder Mole-Dagbani turned into a snake in lives in. And Kulungugu where Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah was bombed on the 1st of August, 1962.”

Wedaga rounded up her comprehensive report with an insight into the food, dance and marriage rites of her people. 

Wedaga – Upper East region

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana


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