GMB 2021: Upper West’s Teroo wins Best Costume on talent night



GMB 2021: Upper West’s Teroo wins Best Costume on talent night
Teroo (Upper West Region)

Clothed in a simple two-piece fashioned out of smock, Teroo gave a rich and sentimental poem that depicted her journey into Ghana’s Most Beautiful. But above all, her distinguished ensemble caught the prize as she emerged as the best-costumed contestant of the night.

Dora Mwinteroo Diyuoh, representing the Upper West, stood out in her attire which depicted her cultural heritage. Her outfit was constructed from blue ad white silk threads woven into intricate zigzag patterns. The top was adorned with cowries and local beads, which dangled defiantly with every step she took. And a three-step cascading flowy skirt that gracefully grazed her knees completed the award-winning costume. 

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Teroo – Upper West Region

“Dreams do come through perhaps because nature understands the heart and the target of the mind. This song, Banga We Gooo, reminds me of that I used to be. Back into the memory lane of 2021, I still remember that beaming teenager I used to be. Staying tuned to tv3 through the crown of Emefa. The pride of culture in me that got awakened in 2018 reminds me of right now. 

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Teroo – Upper West region

“Oh Baci, brave Baci, you watered a young girl’s dream in 2014. Esi, Yaba, Zeinab, Abena, Akua, Naa, I pay allegiance to your patience and hard work. For I have followed. I have watched, and I have witnessed you all reach the possible ultimate.”

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Teroo – Upper West region

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana


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